Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chart Time!

NTRI, Nutri-Systems took yet another tumble after the bell and already 50% of the 32 odd million shares outstanding are sold SHORT. Someone is making some bucks $$!

Look out for BIDU Earnings after the bell on the close of Thursday October, 25, 2007.

The financials have taken a serious beating, I mean you could have shorted any one of the brokerage houses and made a nice profit, Bear Stearns seems to be holding well down near the $109 level where all the big Billionaires are buying shares as a Value play. BSC, spiked up to the $130's on the rumor that Buffet was looking to invest and yet tumbled right back into a range bound trading area.

Here are some interesting charts I was reviewing:

More To Come,