Monday, February 26, 2007

Rimm Hits New Highs

It seems as though RIMM finally made it's move, and busted to new highs today when it was upgraded by RBC Capital Firm, stating:
"Industry contacts suggest a spate of pent-up demand for the handheld device Research in Motion partnered with Qualcomm Inc. to make in the second quarter..."

The stock sure took off today tacking on 4.8% and only slightly dipping during the NASDAQ's slight sell off mid-day.

Stock that I am personally watching are all the energy and oils, and I am still holding calls dating out to July 2007.

Jim Cramer keeps raving over the fact that Iran and Iraq are running out of oil to dish out to America in the short term and so drilling and contracts will surge. He keeps recommending Halliburton, &Transocean Inc., stating: "Transocean (RIG) is a fabulous company that keeps beating numbers. Transocean can't get out of its own way."

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