Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick Scalps

The market sold off in the last Hours of Trading, so I decided to short the most volatile stocks as they would not hold up under market pressure.
In my observation the DOW Jones Industrials were leading the way today, as they sold off so did the other indicies.
The NASDAQ seemed to be down the most on a percentage basis, so I shorted Apple, and RIMM in the last half hour for quick scalps, in and out.

Today's Total: $500.00 even in 30 minutes, I'll take it.

Apple Short:

RIMM Short:


carbtrader said...

Cal, did you use stocks or put options to short these scalp plays?

proftrader2000 said...

Hey, can anyone help me with this problem. Can I daytrade (scalp) MINI DOW with 10 contracts and get instant executions?
My system is averaging $800 per month per contracts. I currently trade with 3 contracts but Am curious if I will be able to enter and exit with 10 contracts and get immediate fills.


Anonymous said...

yes you can buy 50 and get immediate fill proftrader2000.