Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Post of Charts

The 190 Level is holding as support for Goldman Sachs. Anything under $200 for this company is a great buy, so why not buy $3 up off major support as a long term play? If I were going to buy, I would stalk the OCT '07 $210 Call Options (.GPYJB) currently selling for $8.20 a contract ($820)and try to get them for even cheaper, if the bounce ensues

Get out of the energy sector! These stocks are still in sell off mode from their highs. I mean one day they're hitting year highs and a couple days later names like VLO, CHK, BTU, and XOM are being sold off.

A nice short canidate for a GAP Fill Play would be Citrix Systems (CTXS). In a weak market you can trade either of these 2 ways. Find the weakest stocks blowing past support and short them, or find the high fliers that have Gapped up on possible earnings news, and are trading right above the GAP, once it's broken there is almost a certainty it will be filled.

FoxHollow Technologies (FOXH)


Reno said...

Interesting gap short plays. I'll have to keep those in mind and watch them. Thanks and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

If the $190 support is broken, is it REALLY a good buy? How far would it fall before turning round again? I'm thinking $150 is the next support... INterestingly, the grail indicator at is also showing GS as a strong short, so it's probably pretty much only got the one way to go. Good luck with the trade, anyway!