Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trades & Thoughts

When I first started trading I thought, "Man, I'll make thousands each day, and be able to buy anything I want." Well, the first month of trading I found that not to be true, and I've realized every trade is a fight. People ask me all the time, "Well where does all that money go when you lose it? And that proposes a good question, but the answer is in someone else's pocket, because for every buyer there is a seller, so when you're in the red, Billy Bob is sitting in the green. You must learn to protect capital in order to advance to a higher level of trading, only then will you remain consistently profitable, given that you're trading nice setups poised to breakout in the first place. BTW, what is a Breakout?

Yesterday I found a nice little company called Ingen Technologies, it develops and markets cutting-edge medical technologies designed to increase accuracy of medical care and prevent unnecessary medical costs.

They released a new medical device OxyView(tm) which helps your respiratory system maintain good oxygen levels in asthma patients.

This stock is treading HIGH RSI levels (90), high volume, and crossing above (200) MDA, and is up 350% in the past 3 days.
Thanks to good research and quick execution I was able to capture:
Entry: $0.096
Current: $0.17
Gain: 77%

Update: Apple (AAPL) is up 3%, after bottoming on yesterday's purchase price of $72.99-$73.10 a share. Nice bottom pick.

Update: I will be holding my Level 3 Comm. (LVLT) shares until earnings. Entry price was at $4.88

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