Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ninjas of the Screen

Let's face it. Almost everyone who reads this blog is a trader or investor in the market. Obviously, we aren't floor traders for private firms, and don't have a seat on the NYSE, which may I remind you cost $6 million dollars per seat. Make that, then anything over that is just your profit. Yikes!

I want to point out a great analogy, informative insight, and also a great site that you should mark on your regulars to visit for market information.

Trader Feed's Dr. Brett Steenbarger. Yes, this man has written his own book, and is the author of The Psychology of Trading.

I would like for you to read how us screen traders have a great disadvantage to trading from home or the office compared to the floor traders. There is a way, however, to try and help gain a better edge through one of this methods.

Click HERE to find out more.

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Million Dollar Count Down said...

Cal - I read thru the post that you referred to. I can see the autors point of view but have to disagree.

Now, I am not an investment guru. As a matter of fact a newbie. However, the thesis extended by the author applies much more to a day trader to whom a minute by minute change (price or volume) matters. For most of us (me for sure) this would be just an extra noise.

Anyway, I find myself on your blog rather frequently so why not...I am adding you to my blogroll.