Friday, December 29, 2006

Apple cleared, up 4%

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Apple Computer Inc. said its investigation of stock-option grants found no misconduct by current management, but it did find that Chief Executive Steve Jobs recommended or was aware of the selection of some favorable grant dates.

Currently Trading up 4%

I sold my $80 AAPL FEB '07Calls this morning for a quick 60% Gain in 2 Trading Days. Now I have covered almost my whole cost of the initial buy-in, and I am essentially in the trade for free. I have until February 16th, 2007 until expiration, so I think I'll hold on to the remainder until earnings. Apple always delivers.

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Yaser Anwar, CSC (Trader- Equities & FX | Quoted 6 Times In WSJ, Twice in NYT & FT) said...

Good options trade- I traded the stock and did well. It seems most of the blogosphere did well on the AAPL trades in last 2days- me, u, jamie, trader mike, proly trader x and large inst. traders too.