Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Done for the Day

Today was an uneventful day in the market for me, and I traded very well. I don't know what came over me, trades just came to me and I traded with confidence. Took some decent short setups in the oil sector today as they were all very weak. Also did some heavy scalping which became very profitable.

Total Net P/L : $2,484.65 (commissions included)

Some points of interest are the stock (LVLT) is traded very thickly with the avg trade size being near 50,000 shares. I got in and out all day long on 12,500 share lots scalping pennies. I usually am not a scalper but it was working, and hey if something is working and is profitable, why stop? I mean the commissions add up a little, but nothing too major for 1 day out of the week.

More trades coming,

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Jason said...

nice work, fan of this blog so far, i am an intraday scalper of the bigger nasdaq stocks myself,