Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Upcoming Week

7 Stocks You Need To Know For Wednesday, earnings, news and stocks to keep on the radar. Good Stuff.

Could this be a week of profit taking, or will new money continue you flood the markets? Check here for one floor traders view. Floor Traders View of the Upcoming Week's Numbers and Forecast of Market Breadth.

Dick Arms, from www.TheStreet.com, has some market commentary on buys and sells, using his Equivolume Software (Metastock), eResearch Technology, Inc (Public, NASDAQ:ERES), Leucadia National Corp. (Public, NYSE:LUK), Redback Networks Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:RBAK), Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:BBBY).

IBM Shooting star pattern. We'll see how this pony plays out. Note: I have purchased the $95 FEB '07 Puts.

Would you like to sign up for a free trial of an Options Newsletter? I sure did. www.schaeffersresearch.com. They post monthly newsletters with trades you should be a part of. Also very detailed reasons with specifics on buying prices, targets, etc.

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