Wednesday, January 17, 2007

News and Ramps

A great article collection about almost every possible thing you want to know about investing, to include: volume reading, stock options, ETF's, technical analysis, market research, & stock charts. Here!

Jack Steiman from wrote an article, "NYSE Group Setting Up to Run" with a annotated chart found Here. I find it very interesting that everyone thinks that the NYSE Group is poised for a huge run up, remember Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)?

Also check out Carl Futia, and his very knowledgeable blog on the market. I loved his annotated graphs of his index predictions, most of which are very very close to what actually happens in the market.
His synopsis of the NYSE Group (NYX) can be found here, with a price target of $152! Don't forget Cramer's recommendation as the top 3 growth picks for 2007 either, sheesh, I should jump on board.

Learn how to trade indexes using MACD signals.

Stock Scans via, StockCharts brought up an interesting chart of IAAC Corp, which is about to touch down on it's 200MA. This could certainly hold as a nice support level, I'll be watching.

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