Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Options Trades

Today I picked up some The Home Depot, Inc. (Public, NYSE:HD) - HD JAN '07 42.50 Calls for $0.40 cents a piece.

I also wanted to hold a longer term bullish position on the Home Retailer so I decided to pick up some of the HD MAY '07 45's for $1.20 a piece.

Oil was down big today and I saw this as a long term bullish play on oil. Let's face it $50 a barrell oil is just soo 1990's and there's no way Iran is going to let us have cheap oil anymore. On that note I decided to pick up some of the Peabody Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:BTU) JUN 45 '07 Calls for $1.85 per contract.

Apple Computer, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL) - I wanted to throw in some speculative money today. Apple pulled back a bit and of course I saw this as a buying opportunity. I bought some Out of the Money Call Options. My choice was the $100 Strike, JAN '07 Calls, for $0.45 cents per contract. We'll see how this one plays out in the upcoming weeks.

A possibly Google-Apple alliance? MacWorld Buzz. Very interesting!

My Rambus Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:RMBS) FEB '07 $20 Calls took a jump to the tune of 6% on news of using a license they hold in the Playstation 3.Rambus' XDR memory technology. puts Rambus in In Play.

My IBM FEB '07 $95 Puts are down 5%.

Monsanto (NYSE:MON - News) reports quarterly earnings Thursday morning; look for $0.10 EPS.

Interested in Learning how to Trade Options? Here's a great article on The Relationship Between Volatility And Time by John Knott. An options trader who turned $300 into $220,000 while in college, and went on to trade on the CBOE, and Wall Street.

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TradingGoddess said...

Gooooooooooooooo GOOG!



Sorry, just wantin ta win the contest over at MadStocks.


Big Bill said...

Cali - Did you try to scalp some futures on yesterdays Fed minutes? How is that going for ya?