Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stock Exchanges

I sure hope you had at least one of these bad boys on your watch list today:
IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ICE) up 9%
NYSE Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:NYX) up 3.5%
NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (Public, NYSE:NMX) up 5%

Remember those Nymex Call Options I mentioned 2 days ago? Oh yes..up almost 50%

All of these stock & futures exchanges were up big today on news of high volume contract trading. ..

Nymex volume hits record in 2006. NYMEX Holdings, (NMX), set an annual total volume record of 276,152,326 contracts in 2006, crushing the previous record of 204,610,365 contracts set in 2005. Article can be found here.

IntercontinentalExchange, Inc., Exchange-wide volume at ICE Futures reached a record 801,714 contracts on January 9, 2007, surpassing by 15.1% the record 696,700 contracts traded on January 8. Article can be found here.

Of course NYSE Group, Inc. (NYX) was on MAD Money TV, one of Cramer's top growth picks for 2007. He currently slapped a $240 price target which is 122% higher than it's current closing price of $108. Load up on LEAPS! Article can be found here.

Goldman Sachs & NYSE Group(NYX) both decided to purchase a 5% Equity Interest in National Stock Exchange, India's Largest Financial Marketplace. "Our investment in India's National Stock Exchange complements our global growth strategy," said John A. Thain, Chief Executive Officer, NYSE Group. Cramer is right, Global domination!

On to the real interesting!
Sold AAPL calls today for a staggering 429% (my first 4 bagger, say cheese!)
Sold RIMM calls up 44%
Holding Nymex (NMX) Calls, up 47% today! Whoo!

The only thing I missed out on were those pesky ICE calls, up 700% sheesh, that's a new house if you put a decent sum of money into it!

More trades, insight, and exciting news to come,


Bubs said...

Great trades Cal. You still trading futures?


Anonymous said...

You seem to be on quite a roll here. Congrats. How much money in total have you made since you stated trading?

mc said...


Looks like we are tracking the same FRISKY stocks and options.

Glad to hear you are doing very well.

Good luck and Good trading to you!!!